The Upcoming Rothesay International Tournament

Welcome to the Rothesay International: a week-long, competitive tournament on the grass courts of Eastbourne’s Devonshire park.

Eastbourne may not be the first place you associate with Tennis. But for almost fifty years, we’ve hosted the unofficial warm-up tournament for Wimbledon itself.

Welcome to the Rothesay International: a week-long, competitive tournament on the grass courts of Eastbourne’s Devonshire park. As the solstice ushers in the summer, tennis professionals from around the world descend on none other than Eastbourne to defend titles and earn new glories.

If you’ve ever watched the sport on television, you understand its draw: a good rally is heart-racing, edge of your seat fare. Something that is exciting through a screen is a true spectacle in person: so why not attend a far more affordable Wimbledon this year?


As locals, we’ll offer visitors some professional opinion on where to eat nearby. We’d wager that the perfect dining experience would be less than ten minutes from the park. It might offer Afternoon Tea or a seasonal menu just a stroll away from the matches. And of course, with the beautiful coast so close, you’d want panoramic sea views from the restaurant.

One place comes to mind: the Lansdowne Hotel. Our hotel has been run by the same family since 1912 and harkens back to the opulence of Victorian seaside holidays, and our food reflects that quality and tradition.

Eating with us during the Rothesay International just makes sense. We can imagine your day now: you stroll into Devonshire park to clock a few matches then begin to feel peckish. You know better than to queue for unsatisfying food from the onsite trucks, so instead break for a refined Afternoon Tea at The Lansdowne Hotel. After delicate sandwiches and scones, you make use of your wristband for easy re-entry and transition straight back to the action on court. A little later as the day winds down, you cleverly circumvent the restaurant rush in the park and are seated by our gracious wait staff at a table you booked earlier at our 1912 restaurant. You finish the day with a delicious meal by the sea, and we get to help you enjoy your week at the Tennis.


June in Eastbourne averages between 12° and 18°, but temperatures have been known to climb as high as a positively mediterranean 27°C! For that reason, we’d advise packing sunscreen, a fan and your best sunglasses. There will also be several BRITA “Hydration Stations” (known to the common folk as water fountains) on site, so bringing a reusable water bottle is a must.

In the event of heavy rain matches may be cancelled, but it never hurts to pack a light umbrella or anorak in case of a quintessentially British drizzle.


The tournament itself begins on the first official day of summer, so we’re at least hoping for a touch of sunshine! But then again, we’ve all experienced the temperamental nature of English weather, so you’ll know it’s best to pack for all possibilities.

An absolute must is a sunhat to keep the rays off your face during your hours of speciation. The more utilitarian of you may opt for a hat with a flap of fabric at the back to protect the neck from sunburn- but be warned, trendy spouses may veto these practical items.

Breathable cotton clothing or linen is best for wicking away moisture from the body and keeping sweat patches discreet. Our rule of thumb is to wear what is the most comfortable for your viewing experience.

To conclude

A trip to see the tennis shouldn’t be as high-tension as the games themselves: it should be a gentle, enjoyable rally between your accommodation, spectating and eating. Make that your experience this summer by dining with us for the Rothesay International Tennis Tournament and book your table now to complete your Eastbourne experience.

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